Ahhhh Vacation!

What a nice weekend! DH and I went to Asheville for a nice getaway weekend without the children. Ahhh heaven! To me, I just fit in there. Lots of vegetarian restaurants, lots of walking, art everywhere….*sigh*

Then, Sunday came and it’s back to reality! The kids did a good job of keeping Bentley from having accidents in the house and cleaned up after themselves pretty well. One rather annoying yet somewhat amusing thing was to come home and find out Travis (SS14) ate 1/2lb block of cheese by himself in 3 days. He might need a little fiber to help him out. Hehehehe

The culprit…

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I am a person living in two worlds. By day, I work as a database analyst keeping the systems going at a major financial company. (HIGH STRESS!) By night I am a mom to 3, doing parrot rescue, and for my creative outlet I lampwork.
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  1. Kelly says:

    Hi there! Great blog – I’m glad to see you came to visit Asheville – it fits me perfectly too! How close to town are you? I write all about what’s going on in Asheville – if you are interested the blog link is carolinamornings.blogspot.com. Hope you enjoyed your stay :)

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