The internet – It’s an interesting place

The internet can be a great place to learn, to “travel”, to meet people you would never have the opportunity to meet otherwise.

Then, there’s the “dark side”.  There are predators and people who are, perhaps, unbalanced.  Like Ullja Kuntze, a person who has been cyberstalking beadmakers for the better part of a year now.   She is now using Paypal to purchase from people using sockpuppet email id’s and the Paypal account of Bead4U.  She purchases from people for the sole purpose of getting their personal information.  She seems to then enjoy calling all manner of authorities to stir up trouble.  

There is a legal fund set up to stop her. 


Thanks for supporting honest, hardworking and talented artisans.  Stop the FRAUD of Ullja!

About piercesdesigns

I am a person living in two worlds. By day, I work as a database analyst keeping the systems going at a major financial company. (HIGH STRESS!) By night I am a mom to 3, doing parrot rescue, and for my creative outlet I lampwork.
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One Response to The internet – It’s an interesting place

  1. Kelly says:

    Ullja kuntze, has been up to no good, huh? You can find LOTS of information about her and her activities by Googling Ullja Fraud. Background information about ullja can also be found at

    On the bright side, she’s been booted from etsy and artfire and both twitter accounts have been closed. YAY!!


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