Seriously now, don’t we all have more important things to do?

There are so many good causes in the world.  Such as Beads of Courage which provides beads to children as they go through their cancer treatments.  I love making Beads of Courage beads!

Instead of being able to spend my time doing that as much as I would like, I, along with 29 other hard-working, HONEST beadmakers have to deal with  Ullja Kuntze.  She is a very annoying irritation.

She has a hobby.  She is now  filing malicious lawsuits.  It is sad, really.  She even admits that she is using the legal system to teach us a lesson.  *insert eye roll here*

She is incorrect in thinking that she WON the lawsuit that was brought against her.  When a lawsuit is dismissed by the plaintiffs the defendant did not win anything.  The Plaintiffs in the case got the information that they wanted.  That she, Ullja Kuntze, was the author of the defamatory website that I will not name here.  And frankly, we had better things to do with our time than deal with her constant delays and refusals to depose.  I wonder why she would not depose?  Hmmmmm

And the entire reason for all of this? Ullja was caught selling other artisan’s beads as her own.

In 2008 Ullja Kuntze (id: Beads4U) and her mother (ebay id gerbera28) bought beads through ebay and directly from the websites of many artisans.
Ullja then turned around and resold those beads as being created by her in her studio in Italy. Selling someone else’s intellectual property and mis-labeling it is against Etsy TOS.

Artisan’s, following Etsy’s TOS filed infringement cases against Ullja’s Beads4U store. Etsy found the claims to be valid and closed her store.
Ullja did have recourse to challenge the infringement claim per Etsy’s TOS

No one forced Ullja to infringe. Etsy chose to enforce their TOS as well they should.

An entire community is now being stalked and punished because Ullja was not following the rules.

You can read the history of the sad tale at

Anyway,If you would like to donate to the cause of making this irritation go away, please do!!


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I am a person living in two worlds. By day, I work as a database analyst keeping the systems going at a major financial company. (HIGH STRESS!) By night I am a mom to 3, doing parrot rescue, and for my creative outlet I lampwork.
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