Hi! I am Debbie, nice to meet you!  I am a “cre-artist”   Not quite an artist, most of an artful creator of stuff.  I grew up in the mountains of PA where I loved to draw and paint.  I wanted to be an artist and my parents convinced me to take on a career where I could eat.  LOL  So, at the age of 12 I started programming computers.

I pursued that career sucessful, and still do it today, but about 5 yrs ago my inner artist started making a ruckus.  She wanted OUT!  So I picked up wire wrapping.  People loved it and I did too.  Then I started thinking “I can make my own cabs to wrap”, so I started fusing.  The love og lass led me to the torch.  THAT was my calling.  Oh my, what a wonderful addiction!!

I now live in NC with my husband,  son and stepson.   My stepdaughter is home in the summer from UNC-CH.  It’s a busy life.  We have 6 parrots, 2 dogs, 1 cat and a full life.  LOL!

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