Giving Props

I’d like to give props to a few upstanding and extremely talented lampworkers and jewelry designers.

First up BetsyMn.  Her beads are adorable and she is an awesome totally great member of the lampwork community.  Just look at those beads!!

Then there’s Lydia Muell.  Her and I have met a few times and she is a total doll.  She is very giving with her lampwork knowledge and creates unbelievable work.  Check her out.

I love being part of the lampworking community.  As artists, we band together and help each other out in the worst of times and celebrate the best of times.

Thank you to all the TRUE artisans out there!

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Something on the Bay

I should have posted this a few days ago, but here it is..a set on Ebay!  Click on the pic to see the auction.

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What I saw this morning…

I tend to get up early on my days off.  My husband is a mailman and works most Saturdays, so I often get up and go to Starbucks with him.  It’s kind of a “date”.  It’s alone time, which we desperately need right now.  Then I walk home with the dogs.

My walks home take me through a beautiful bog garden with a waterfall.  This morning as I was walking through in the quiet of an early summer morning, I came to the waterfall.  Almost magically, a beautiful heron stepped out of the shadows and stepped passed me with a fish still dripping in his beak.  Even the dogs were too shocked to bark.

It was so cool, and surreal.  I wish I had a camera with me.

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My On-again Off-again blogging

I haven’t been blogging.  Most of the time I feel I have nothing interesting to say.  Also, I have been struggling with my health since 8/07.  That was when we moved into my “dream house”.  Which turned out to be infested with black mold.

Two years and countless doctors and specialists later I now have a diagnosis of sorts and a treatment plan.   Lots of days are rough.  But most days I can breathe again and my lips don’t swell up like they did for so long. 

There are lots of “experts” who are actually paid by insurance companies and builders that say “mold is everywhere, it can’t hurt you.”  To them I say “Walk one day in my shoes and you will change your mind.”

I am 41 (42 on 7/25).  I was fit, thin, exercised often, did yoga.  Then I got hit with toxic mold.  Now, I struggle to breath, I am in constant pain, I have no energy.  *Poof*  Literally happened the week we moved into this house.  I now have autoimmune disease and my thyroid is being attacked and destroyed.   I am on a celiac, diabetic, vegetarian, lactose-free diet.  Think about that.  What would you eat?  It’s tough. 

But I have hope that we can get this under control.  And that I can go back to being a healthy person again.  I may blog about the road to my recovery.  Maybe I will look back at it and say, “Yeah, boy am I glad I am not there anymore.”  That is my hope.

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What’s the strangest thing in YOUR refrigerator?

I actually won a radio call in show once with this question.


Because in my fridge was a Praying Mantis Egg Sac!  Yes, a real one.  I was keeping it in hibernation until the spring so I could populate my yard with natural pest killers.

I plan to get one again soon to populate the new yard.

Why am I posting about this?  I started a thread at of inspirational pictures to stimulate us at the torch.  Someone (Nagibeads) posted a pic of an Orchid Mantis.  OMG!  What an amazing creature!  Then I found out there are LOTS of amazing mantids!!  Here are a few from an amazing photographer:

I see some cool beads coming….

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Taking a terydactyl to the vet

Yesterday was an adventure. I had to take my Greenwing macaw to the vet for his annual and to make sure that he is only going through a heavy molt and not plucking.

Taking a 3 lb bird to the vet is not always easy. He has to ride there in a carrier, which in my case is a large dog crate. Usually getting him into said crate is quite a task. But yesterday, luckily it was fairly easy. I took him out of his cage and just started walking towards the crate and put him in, no fuss. He was doing a nervous laugh the whole way towards it, then once he was in there he started scratching at the paper and making hrmmph hrmpph noises.

He did pretty well at the vet considering he had the indignity of having a q-tip put up his butt. LOL

Here is the sweet “little” guy…

Here is a video of him Dancing

Diego Dancing

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Following a Recipe

I purchased the most wonderful tutorial on Etsy.  It is from Stoney Marie and it is just fabulous and very worth the money!!

My problem is that I am one of those people who does not follow recipies.  I kind of consider them rough guidelines.  That is probably why the kids are never thrilled when I say I am going to try a new dish. LOL

However, I found Marie’s tutorial helped me to think of things I hadn’t before and try some new stuff.  And bottom line,  isn’t that what it’s all about?

Some beads from the tut:

First set with the tut

Second this one better

My favorite!

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Did you have a good holiday this year?

I was pleasantly surprised at how well our Christmas went.  We decided to cut back a lot and to be honest, I think it was a better Christmas for it.  The two 14 yr olds decided to combine their gift spending limit and get Rock Band 2 for the Wii. I have yet to try it.  I am not sure i could handle the embarrassment of singing in front of people.

I am looking forward to New Year.  Just a chill night with a few friends and some board games maybe.  No driving with the amatuer alcoholics.  YAY!

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Back to School Shopping

Both of my boys are about to enter High School this month. (Oh lord, let me survive this!) Last year their middle school had uniforms and it was so easy. No fighting about inappropriate attire, no wanting designer clothes, etc. Well, that is abut to end. My wallet is going to be hurting! At least it is tax-free weekend. No tax on school supplies or clothes.

My son in particular is tough to buy for. He is so tall and thin it is a challenge.

Here is my “little boy” who just turned 14 and is 6’1″

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Close Encounters

A few weeks ago I took a few days  off to spend with my boys before they go to High School (EEEKKK!).  We went to a local small zoo.  My family and I seem to have a Bird Whisperer vibe going on.  We often have encounters with birds and this trip was no different.

We were standing along a fence talking to a cockatoo and a free-roaming peacock jumped up on the fence and parked himself right in the middle of us.  He was fascinated with checking us out and even let us pet him.  He was not the least bit skittish.   Even the keeper was a little amazed.

In the last pic, he is looking at some water in my hand.  LOL

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